It is extremely important to properly inspect your vehicle before going for a long trip. The last thing which you will want is your truck breaking down in the middle of your journey. So make sure that your vehicle is functioning properly. These are the following things which you should inspect before a long trip: 

1. Check your wheels: Before the inspection, make sure that you chock (wedges of sturdy material placed closely against a vehicle's wheels to prevent accidental movement) the wheels. Chocks are a very common safety measure which will make sure that the vehicle doesn't move suddenly. In many times during inspection, you will have to keep the engine on. If your truck suddenly starts moving while you are conducting the investigation, then you will end up hurting yourself badly. 

2. Cleanliness: Cleanliness is also extremely important. Having a messy truck full of garbage and junk gives a very negative impression. Apart from that, it is also very dangerous. Too much of garbage can block the pedals and other equipment. Also in case of an accident, loose objects can prove to be very dangerous.

3. Brakes: Brakes are probably the most important component of your truck. They are also the most used component. In spite of that, many people forget to check it properly. As per reports, most of the violations found during inspection is because of brakes. As a result, it is very important to comprehensively check your braking system. Make sure that the brake is adjusted properly. 

4. Lights and Reflectors: Most people remember to check their lights but almost everyone forgets about the reflectors. While driving at night, reflectors play an important role by increasing your visibility. If they are not working properly, then it can prove to be very dangerous. Make sure that there are no cracks and also clean them properly. 

5. Seat belts: Seat belts can save your life in case of an accident. Hence, make sure, that they are working properly. Look out for any wear and tear and also make sure that there are no sharp edges. The belt should also move smoothly. If it is not smooth, then you may need to replace it. Don't forget to check the seat belt lock as well. 

6. Paperwork: Documents are extremely important. If during an inspection, you don't have an important document, then you can land in serious trouble. Always carry the registration certificate of your vehicle and also the permit documents. Also make sure that your driving license is valid and up to date.

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