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Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

Many lives are lost as a result of truck and semi-truck accidents annually. On most occasions, the victims are individuals in the passenger vehicles, and who are not adequately equipped to withstand a collision due to the impact of the crash. According to truck accidents statistical analysis, approximately five thousand people in passenger vehicles die each year as a result of automobile crashes involving trucks. Moreover, close to seven hundred people in vehicles lose their lives every year in these accidents. Approximately, sixty-four percent of severe semi-truck accidents involves a truck which was pulling one trailer. Out of this figure, thirty-two percent of these accidents involve single-unit trucks. Also, four percent of crashes involve multi-trailer trucks.

These are the most common causes of truck accidents, know them to avoid and prevent them.

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Safe Trucking in Extreme Winter Conditions

It is widely known that driving in snow requires you to poses a particular set of skills, especially if you are a big rig driver. Most drivers on the highways fail to adjust their driving skills, when driving in weather conditions that are poor, such as icy or snow-covered roads.

During the winter period, it is always risky to drive due to poor visibility, the increased unpredictability of the other road users, the stop-time required as well as poor traction. The skills that are needed for driving in snow and other poor driving conditions, can potentially distinct the sound and skilled professional drivers from the others.

The article aims to enlighten you with some of the practical driving tips for truck driving safely in winter conditions, which you can employ when trucking in ice and snow. Peruse through and enhance your knowledge.

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